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Quality housing at a price we can all afford is the foundation of healthy communities and families, and it has to be Portland’s number one priority for the next 5-10 years.

The status quo is not working. We have to make far greater progress on these challenges. Now. Housing is at the root of many of our other challenges: equity, transportation and livability. Stable, plentiful, housing at a range of prices that makes it possible for all Portlanders to have a home and a foundation for successful lives.

More and more of Portlanders are homeless or in a housing crisis. Though our city has had record growth, homelessness and housing instability have increased, making it difficult or impossible for too many people to find a well-paying job, or keep a job, or to further their education or skills training, or take care of chronic health conditions.

For over 20 years I’ve worked with communities in Portland to create housing options that suit their needs and their budgets. These projects, especially in Rockwood, Lents, with the Communities of Color Coalition, and for the Native American Youth Association (NAYA), have helped educate me on the relationship between housing, families, schools, neighborhoods, transportation, and work. And these projects exposed me to a pattern of broken promises to low-income Portlanders and communities of color by elected officials. We can and must do better.

We can and must do better, and it will take the efforts of the entire City Council to create the change we need. I want to rapidly and strategically build the housing for our homeless that we desperately need. No one on City Council has more experience and knowledge of housing and urban design than I do. We need more expertise, more passion and more urgency in making Portland home for all of us. That is why I’m running. I know I can help bring our community together to more effectively address our homeless and affordable housing emergency.

Let’s Make Portland Home.


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